About Jasmine


Joyful, intelligent, excited to learn with an infectious giggle—meet Jasmin 14 years old…


Growing up in Kent, the Garden of England, loving days out on the local beaches, hours at the zoo, girly pamper sessions and straight-A student with a thirst for knowledge… and so, like all school kids during the early stages of the 2020 pandemic having to adjust to a disruption to their daily routine and the new challenges of home-schooling, the early months of the nationwide lockdown were challenging. Eldest daughter of three, Jasmine would often complete her homework at single mum Emma’s workplace and then needing something to keep her occupied would help her mum out in her job mixing natural beauty products for a skincare company.
Interest rapidly turned to fascination as samples of the products noticeably made a difference to Jasmine’s skin, healing up a touch of acne that she was experiencing within days and then softening and smoothing her skin in general.


Intrigued, Jasmine started asking lots of questions...

...finding out more about the various ingredients from owner and product formulator Marva and then going home to research in further depth about their benefits.

Having personal experience of sensitive skin running in her family, with a grandmother on prescriptive medicines for a rare condition of highly sensitised psoriasis and a younger sister with similar eczema concerns, Jasmine was newly motivated by her own results to try something different and develop a new formulation under Marva’s protective eye to see if the healing she experienced could benefit her family too.
The results set Jasmine on a new path… the gentle botanical formulation not only relieved her nan’s itching but cleared the scaly patches and with daily use eliminated the need for skin wraps and frequent change of linens. Similar outcomes for Jasmine’s sister and the tangible improvement this made to her dearest’s wellbeing sealed her newfound calling … a passion was born.


Each blend self-tested was then tried and tested on her family and loved ones...

Driven by the positive progress and the difference her actions could make, Jasmine plucked up the courage to discuss her dream of her own healing skincare range and when a new formulation involving coffee granules was being developed at work for another client Jasmine was inspired to approach The Coach House, a local New Romney coffeeshop run by family friend Eve to ask about repurposing her coffee granules for her own skin care range.
Mum Emma, nurtured the dream with many hours after work drying the coffee granules at home and then bringing them in to work to enable Jasmine to work with Marva to develop scrubs and masks to heal and soothe the skin.
Each blend tried and tested on her family gave her the confidence to recommend these to everyone else’s loved ones . The seeds of the Jasmine range were sown. With upcycled local coffee grounds in inspired formulations from facial scrubs to scrubby masks, loving and soothing ingredients such as sunflower, moringa and coconut oil forming the basis of most of her range, and complexion wonders such as ylangylang, activated charcoal, bamboo and himalayan salts each caring botanical has been lovingly researched by Jasmine to create formulations that are protective and with specific blends to suit even the most sensitive skins.


From crisis to creativity...

‘I discovered so many new things during lockdown, ’says Jasmine ’and while I am so sad that it was such a difficult time for so many people I am really grateful that I had the chance to learn something that could make such a huge difference to my family and others wellbeing. My mum, Marva and Eve encouraged me to make this all come true and the whole team at work have been simply amazing.’
A formidable spirit behind an angelic face and youthful innocence Jasmine has poured her every spare ounce of energy, love and joy into the Jasmine skincare range, transforming a testing time in the first part of the year into driven focus and incredible achievement.
‘I know now that it is really possible to make a positive difference even when times are hard. I can’t wait for everyone to try the Jasmine range… I hope you’ll love the results as much as I do.’