See you later, Summer!

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My top picks to keep your Autumn skin glowing...

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be sad to see the end of all those long summer evenings, BUT, the big bonus is that cosy autumn evenings in are the BEST opportunity to give ourselves a bit of a pamper session. Colder weather can really mess with our skin, so there’s never been a better time to chill out with a hot chocolate (with marshmallows and cream, obvs) and give our skin some serious love.
I’ve picked out three of my fave products that really help me look after my skin and keep it looking fresh, and feeling soft and healthy. And as always, these gorgeous treats come wrapped in an environmentally-friendly package that looks as good as it feels, all without breaking the bank



This amazing scrubby mask was the first one that I created – and it’s still my favourite! The main ingredient is upcycled coffee grounds that we source from our local coffee shop. A lot of people don’t realise how beneficial coffee is for the skin (luckily we do!) so I was really excited to put this product together. Coffee is brilliant in a mask, as it helps to energise and support the function of skin, flushes out harmful toxins and exfoliates. It also helps hydration, which results in the skin looking brighter and clearer. Charcoal is another surprisingly beneficial ingredient, which cleanses, detoxifies and purifies deep into the pore (and helps get rid of those annoying blackheads which can lead to spots).
MyCheekyCharcoalCoffeeScrubbyMask is designed to help most skin types and is really gentle on the skin, while the sunflower oil helps retain moisture. I love using this product as it gives such a deep cleanse and great exfoliation, but it’s still very gentle. My skin always looks so clear and fresh after using this mask, so I try to use it once a week. You can apply it to moist skin, leave for a few minutes and then wash off.



I used to think bamboo was just the stuff that pandas eat – which is enough for me to rate it anyway as they are my absolute favourite animal! But when researching natural products, I discovered all of its amazing properties and I knew I needed to use it in my products. Bamboo contains silica, which is incredible for hydrating our skin, soothing and rehydrating. The scrub can be used during your daily routine after washing your face. It’s full of nutrients to repair and brighten the skin, as well as reduce any irritation and stress. The scrub also includes another ace ingredient, moringa seed oil, which is perfect for repairing damage and is ultra-hydrating. It’s a perfect product for anyone looking for a lightweight and hydrating blend to polish the skin – and it’s super gentle so it’s also great for anyone with sensitive skin.
I’m recommending this mask because it’s so easy to add to my daily skincare routine, and my skin needs a bit of extra help this time of year. Give it a go!



It’d be a bit awkward if I didn’t like the scent of Jasmine, with it being my name of course, but luckily I absolutely love the fragrance of Jasmine and it’s the perfect oil to use in a body lotion.
Jasmine naturally cleanses, heals and restores our skin – but it also has other effects which you probably wouldn’t imagine in a body lotion. Jasmine oil is naturally mood balancing, as well as having anti-viral and antibiotic effects. So it actually makes you feel good mentally as well as physically! It’s a really gentle, non-greasy and fast-absorbing lotion, which deeply nourishes and protects our skin – perfect for this colder weather. The lotion also contains soothing sunflower oil, allantoin to soften the skin, and healing moringa oil.
I use this product daily and it’s suitable for all skin types, so it’s good to share (not that I’d want to!). And of course, like all our products, it’s vegan and animal cruelty-free. So, these are my top three picks to survive the change of seasons and keep my skin in great condition before the countdown to Christmas starts. I personally love these three so much and have seen such a difference in my own skin since I have been using them.
I hope you get as much success and enjoyment out of them as I do!  

Love Jas