Mum Emma

I am so proud of the interest Jasmine has shown and love her ideas…


I try to teach my girls that no matter what happens in life there is always something to be grateful for...
I work hard and struggle with juggling family life and work life, a house with 3 hormonal girls and a busy mum - who wouldn't? We have our usual tiffs and have to break up the regular arguments of who's skirt, who's lipstick etc but we also sit down and laugh about it later. There is no greater gift than hearing my children laugh...so while a night out with friends is always needed and very enjoyable, for me the perfect quality night is with my three girls for a full on pamper night, we do face masks, paint our nails, have a good feast on junk food and talk about the silliest things, some girls nights it will consist of a film and others it will be games.
Money can be tight so i'm always looking for inventive cheap family days out, our favourite is a zoo day as we buy the year pass, followed closely by the woods and going off the beaten track and getting lost hoping we will find our way out but loving the adventures we have on the way and loving the experience as a way they can learn that as long as we have each other we can get through everything and anything.

Face Time

Sensitive solutions...

I have always suffered with dry skin and eczema myself and now as a mum I have had to be particularly careful with my middle childs skin, she seems to react to the tiniest thing...ie...change in washing powder, a new soap/shower gel, certain materials etc, so when I started this job with my role of making natural skincare I was very keen to learn about all the ingredients.
Then through Covid I couldn't take the time off work to home school my children so we set up office space for them to come in and do their school work, as best they could with me popping in on my breaks to help if I could.

Then Jasmine helped us one day when we were on a tight schedule and was so intrigued...questions followed after more and more questions... and the rest is now history! I am so proud of the interest Jasmine has shown and love her ideas…
Half the fun has been testing her formulations at home so we could be sure of how they worked and the best part has been seeing first hand the actual difference it has made to my family's sensitive skin.


Dont get me wrong life is not all love hearts and smiles...

...I dye my hair to hide the couple of greys I found and as I am sure many can relate, I often lay awake wondering if i am doing motherhood right?? Should I have told her off because of this or that? Sometimes I have to push myself out of my comfort zone and act silly around complete strangers just to make them smile and laugh....But I know when I hear my children say to me I'm their best friend and thank me for being me and working hard, that I am getting it half right at least.

I have a fantastic relationship with my children and they come to me with absolutely every issue, even if they are the ones in the wrong and they know it. I am grateful for every chance to show them that I will support their dreams and ambitions and we are living life to our fullest. I am so blessed to have been given the gift of my beautiful children and being their mum.