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Our Values

Botanical Bends

Our Mission

  • 100% natural & plant-based formulas
  • Free from nasties such as parabens, petrochemicals and harmful additives
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Recyclable materials and packaging
  • Affordable Beauty

Responsibly formulated by hand, with pure, healing and nutritious ingredients each Jasmine blend is conceived with a mission to be exceptionally gentle to skin with botanicals renowned for their anti-inflammatory care.

Our Motivation

Care for the world that cares for us...
Our local coastline is beautiful. We are very lucky to live so close to the sea, a 15 minute walk from our house. Through my childhood this is where we came often, whether it be fish and chips on the beach after school, collecting shells to decorate boring picture frames, finding stones with holes in and even fossil hunting for a school project. We bring the speaker and have a dance and sing along on the beach with a lot of munchy picnic food mum packs up with us. The scenery is beautiful and peaceful. I get quite disheartened on a lovely sunny day when everyone flocks to the beach but instead of respecting the specialness and peace the beach gives, they leave rubbish all over it, dirty nappies, food packets, drink cans/bottles. It is so disheartening to know that they could have just bagged the stuff up and put it all in a bin or taken it home with them. It takes two minutes to pick it up.
An illegal gathering happened a few weeks ago and the serenity of the beach was unrecognizable with the amount of rubbish left behind, not only general waste but tables, chairs and other things. Thankfully we have an amazing litter picking group and great local support that they went out from early hours of the morning and cleared it up. The amount of rubbish bags they collected was astonishing. How can people not respect such a beautiful area?? How much of that rubbish made it into the sea??

Responsible Actions

Our Actions

All the effort and care that I was raised with is reflected in the brand we are growing...
I remember when I was about 7 or 8 and mum took my sisters and I to the beach, my crisp packet blew out my hand as it was quite windy so mum made it a challenge as to who ever caught the crisp packet got the last chocolate brownie. Mission accepted!! We all ran so fast and far to catch that packet which did blow in the sea, and yes I went in and got it….freezing!! Mum explained why it was important to ensure we took our rubbish away to all of us girls and we make sure we do as we do not want to harm the animals.
In building all the elements of our range a main focus has been ensuring that our nutrient-rich skincare is just as caring for the sustainability of mother earth that we get our goodness from. Apart from our recyclable packaging we are on a mission to increase our upcycled content and thanks to the wonderful support we have already received from the outset in our local community we have been able to launch as we mean to go on.


Our coffee scrubs contain the upcycled coffee grounds from our good friends Eve and Peter Butterworth at The CoachHouse Coffee Shop New Romney.
With mum's amazing help we started out drying these at home ourselves in an oven on a low heat - a tricky process ensuring we had a thin even layer on the tray - turning it every 10 minutes and shaking it about to make sure we got an even result... it would take more or less an hour to dry out 4 to 5 trays at a time and then they were ready to go into the test formulas at work.
Now with the range up and running our good friends have allowed us to set up a simple pick-up and replacement system with our 10ltr buckets for the high quality coffee grounds which are dried, vacuum-packed, kept in sealed storage and then repurposed for our skin-loving formulations.

Affordable Beauty

It is inspiring to be able to make the very best of what is around you with the resources you have.
All our lives I've seen mum create the most enjoyable experiences for me and my sisters, on a very low budget through careful planning and focusing on the details that make all the difference.

That was also really important to me with my skincare range.

Creating healing blends, working with the same wholesome botanicals that go into many of the premumium brands but formulated responsibly to suit tighter budgets.

Natural, high quality beauty shouldn't be a struggle to afford, everyone wants to be pampered to feel and look their best don't they?

Recyclable fillers

And there would be no point pouring all that goodness into the skincare and packaging if we were simply going to create more waste with our processes.
My products go out from the warehouse with recyclable wrap and cardboard fillers that can be continuously recycled and repurposed.
It's only a small step but if everyone gave as much thought to the impact of our products have on the environment as they do on our health and looks can you imagine what a massive difference it would make?


Our Future...

This is only the beginning and there is so much more to be done but we've started as we mean to go on.

We are already planning the next steps for our business and formulations to ensure we can continue to practice exceptional goodness for our health and care and protection for the earth.

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