Redness, itching, really dry and flaky skin, acne, some or all of these constantly or at the slightest change of anything...?

If any of this sounds familiar then you're probably like my nan or sister, suffering from sensitive skin which tends to run in families and oh joy(!) certainly does in mine!

Find out why I created this extra sensitive range
My nan suffers from psoriasis which is a particularly moody type of dry skin condition involving shiny flaky scaly patches, which used to get so bad that her skin would peel at night and would need lots of changes of wound dressings - this only started about ten years ago increasing from dry skin to a really serious and unpredictable chronic irritation.
My little sister Kimberley suffers from eczema which she was born with, it can can get really bad during cold weather periods on the backs of her knees and other creases - which is typical of sufferers of atopic eczema... And these are just two examples. 
Of course, sensitive skin isn't just about extra dry itchy conditions but oily clogged skin also which acne sufferers know all about!
Studies show and health experts agree that problem skins and allergies have been on the rise in the last 30 years or so and that while our genes play a role it's also our modern lifestyles and increasing toxic exposure to hidden chemicals in foods, cleaning materials and skin products that are major contributing factors.

I know from the past daily experience in my own family that important choices in ingredients we eat, put on our skin and wear in our clothing (e.g. washing powders etc.) really can make an incredible difference. But the trial and error until finding what works, without horrible side-effects, or without stopping being effective can be so frustrating.
This is why it was so important for me to not only develop a range of products that avoid nasty chemicals and toxins that can affect the skin and it's ability to protect the body, but within my already gentle product range to also develop an extra gentle range! 
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I've seen the amazing difference in my family and friends with sensitive skin, we've all been the guinea pigs while I was developing the range  (because there's simply no excuse ever for hurting any animals!) which is why I am so delighted to be able to share these with you too.
I hope you experience the same relief, improvements and pleasure from this loving range as we have!

Love Jas